Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Inspired by Australian fashion designers

Still needs work. Lacking of the classy look found in Aurelio's work. Time to retreat to bed. I have a meeting at 180 later in the afternoon.

Felt like doing color pencil shading when watching Mettyori doing some color pencil shading. Mine was digitally drawn and colored though, due to not able to find drawing paper anywhere. I recall I had my sketchbook somewhere. Even my notebook was no where to be found. I guess my items loved to play hide-and-seek, especially when I really needed 'em.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Queen of Petra

Thesis Project by Zaid Al Momani and Divya Gupta.
I am working on the animation for the eagle. It is amazing, felt like a fate, that I was lucky to be able to attend the talk, The Dragon Flight, which made me understand more on how the wing function. Yes I animated it wrong, which I am currently fixing it now.

Shot 03 (12/03/10)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer arrived late at SF

People stopped under the shed for a while, and then continued their busy walks and dissappear.

When the weather is hot, nothing beats having a cup of your favourite drink and stare lazily at the street.

Two attempts on drawing my friend. It's been a while since I drew. I could hear Tanya saying, loosen up your drawing and keep it simple. Less is more~

At the embarcadero, Mr Mario was kind enough to let me sketch him :)

Zorro, eating his snack while taking a rest.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Demoreel 2010

My demoreel showing artworks that I've done when I was studying at the Academy of Art, mostly animation, since my major is 3D animation. It was a wild ride, trying to reach to the level within 1 and half year. Rough road, but I enjoyed a lot, not to mention, getting to meet so many great artist from so many places. Made me felt how small my scopes were. The journey with AAU has come to an end, but my real journey, is just a beginning! (Corny, sound like some used up sentence from the movies.)

Demoreel from Yuin Pang on Vimeo.